18 February 2012

Dentist in Ipoh - I'll go with this one - Dr Chong

I've had a number of enquiries about dentists in Ipoh since my last posting about it. And since moving to Ipoh 3 years ago, I finally went to a dentist here for the first time today.

On a friend's suggestion, I tried out Dr Chong of Klink Pergigian Chong. His clinic is at 685A on the Main Road of Jalan Gunung Rapat. It is on the right side - before the market - of the road after you turn in from the traffic light (there's an Old Town Kopitiam at that traffic light).

I got to his clinic around 9.45 am and there were already 2 patients paying and 3 more waiting. There are 2 dentists there, Dr Chong himself and another, Dr. Ed. And 5 dental nurses, which is by far the most I have seen in a dental clinic. I was seen to by Dr Chong.

Dr Chong is friendly, but brisk with a busy air about him. I guess his practice is quite busy and he wants to get on with it. He asked me if I had any specific problems, then went on to check my teeth. He declared them healthy and only in need of cleaning and scaling.

I was happy with his scaling technique as he did not cause my gums to bleed, not one bit! If you've ever been to a dentist who is heavy-handed, you will remember the unpleasant experience of spitting out blood when you rinse your mouth (a dentist at Kwan Dental in Ipoh Garden South is one such example). So I always assess a dentist on the outset by his scaling touch. Pass!

Knowing I was a first-time patient, Dr Chong asked the nurse to give me a complimentary toothpaste when I was paying. Small gesture, definitely business-friendly.

If you'd like to make an appointment, his number is 05 3133 616.