03 May 2013

Is this our nocturnal visitor - Asian palm (masked) civet cat

Late in the night, on more than one night, our dogs have been set off into a barking and search-and-hunt frenzy. In the mix of canine din, there was feline-like spitting and hissing.

I saw nothing out of the ordinary in the garden when I switched on our flood lights.

Except maybe some swift movement among the fruit trees, and a pair of glowing eyes with a long tail.

It happened again last night. Some months back, our dogs caught and mauled something that later died. I could not recognize what animal it was.

Now, I think the nocturnal visitors are "musang" or the Asian palm civet cat.

It is a fruit-eating mammal, not related to the cat at all. Perhaps you are a fan of the famous Vietnamese  fox-dung coffee?

When I tell (rather, complain to) my husband of all the flora and fauna (domesticated and wild) that surround us, he says, "Aren't we lucky?"

(images from mohanpaisarticles.blogspot.com, www.the-most-expensive.info)


  1. Yeah as your husband says you all are really lucky because this cat produces the most expensive coffee beans in the world.
    Kopi Luwak

  2. Hi Glan.

    But I can't savour those coffee beans, unless I plant a coffee bush in my garden!