25 July 2009

Refereeing children's fights

How many times have you (if you're a mom) heard one of your children yell, "Mom! He hit me!", followed by the other child's, "But he hit me first!". They could fight over any seemingly insignificant thing like the remote control or a toy nobody was interested in until one person picked it up. My children, of late, have been having "copy-cat" fights. You see, my little girl likes to imitate (i.e. copy-cat) her brother's actions, which at times irritate my son. He asks her to stop, but she copies even his agitated demands that she stop imitating him. This happens several times a day.

Often, my son comes running to me, fuming. I reprimand my daughter but my son insists that's not good enough and that his sister will be at it again. I tell him there is little real harm in her copying him. Why not just walk away or ignore her? She enjoys it because you react to her. But my son says I am a softie when it comes to his sister.

Sigh, I do not recall as many fights with my brother when we were growing up. Probably because my brother is by nature conciliatory, non-confrontational and reserved (quiet). He would rather give in or tolerate as much nonsense as possible. He can continue reading even as you stand there talking to/ at him. He is like that to this day, as a married man. Lucky for his wife (and maybe lucky for his kids, too).

Back to my problem.....ooh, they're at it again. Gotta run.

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