07 August 2009

Foh Sun Dim Sum Restaurant

We tried to go for a dim sum breakfast a few weeks back on a Sunday at "Dim Sum Street" , but the queues and the wait just proved too much for our young family. First we tried Ming Court; definitely no-go; the lines were snaking out the door. Then we tried Yuk Fook Mun; queues not spilling out the door but it still looked to be a long wait. The new Foh San wasn't opened then. We ended up at the Central coffee shop at the corner of the block, having rice dumplings, hor hee and mee jawa.

So today, a Friday, we decided that it would be a much better day to try Foh San. Hubby took the morning off so we could go. Whoa! The place was packed and we still had to hover around for a table. Don't people in Ipoh work? My mom said there looked to be a lot of retirees eating there. Sigh.....so Ipoh is a town for the old folks? Ipoh-ites, you gotta do something to make this town more vibrant and bring the young blood back here! Wait a minute, there was that change of government, chosen by the people, which could have made a difference to Ipoh, but then something nasty happened...........???

We ordered 2 porridges - fish and pork balls. Smooth and broken, just like how Cantonese porridge should be, and the pork balls were huge. My girl liked the porridge. We had 3 variants of the traditional "siu mai" - alright, but nothing outstanding. Chee cheong fun was passable but didn't quite impress.

There was an interesting "pau" that was all spirals on the outside with a hole cut out at the top and crowned with a mushroom. Inside it was steamed glutinous rice - nice innovation and quite delicious. The "sang chau lo mai fan" however was a pale, bland presentation that disappointed. To finish off, we ordered the fried prawn foo-chuk with mayo sauce. Overall, the food wan't bad but with all the hoo-ha, not that fantastic either.

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