26 September 2009

Char Siu & Chicken Rice in Sec. 17

Phew...just came back from a very short trip to KL to visit my parents. Husband went to KL for work and asked us to tag along since our son has a whole week off school for Hari Raya.

We had dinner at our favourite "tai chau" coffee shop, Ming Kee. We ordered the old favourites - crispy chicken with onion rings, sweet & sour pork, "yau mak fu yi" (chinese lettuce fried with fermented bean curd) and seng kong tau foo. Still tastes just as good!

For lunch today, I bought back BBQ pork and chicken rice from another old favourite - a shop called Choon Yien, located at the ground floor of a block of flats on Jalan 17/13 in Section 17, PJ. When I was still working in KL, my colleagues and I used to like coming here for lunch, but you got to get here early, though. If you get here at 1pm, most of the tables would be taken and you have to wait for quite a bit. The BBQ pork, roast pork and roast chicken are all very nicely done here. The rice is oily and fragrant, with enough sauce from the meats. The complimentary soup that comes with your rice could be any of the traditional Chinese soups like lotus root, old cucumber, peanuts with preserved vegetable etc. - and they are all yummy as they have been boiled with lots of chicken bones to make a really flavourful stock.

The proprietor of the place is the guy with the moustache - friendly guy - while his assistant also sports a moustache but is bespectacled. James is the name of the assistant, and he is probably the one you will deal with. Be warned that he can be temperamental, but once he recognises you, he is a nice guy too. Might be easier to get your order if you greet him with a "Hi, James!" Works for me all the time.


  1. I call that place, Uncle Chicken Rice... Happy Mansion flats...

  2. ahhh..so you came back for a short holiday. must be nice eh? did u go to the mall?


  3. Koolgeek, so you are a PJ guy too.

    Barb, yes it was nice to be back in my hometown, but too short to go to the mall. Was spending time with family, and my daughter had to see the endodontist.

  4. Greetings from Selangor!

    Lovely blog you have, Thank you for sharing!

    I wrote you a message, it is under Making the move to Ipoh.

    Have a nice day! : )

  5. Haiya...next time plan a longer trip so we can get the primary school gang together la!

  6. Cindy, thank you for visiting my blog. Yes I will definitely email you!

    Hey Kev, I promise next trip we all shall get together. I will give you advance notice.

  7. yeah, ipoh guy now in pj...