17 April 2013

Neo Strata skin care

I recently started using Neo Strata Illuminating Serum and Neo Strata Pigment Controller.

It was recommended by my doctor! I was there to discuss my annual medical checkup results, when she looks at my face and said, "You are getting more freckles. Why don't you try this line of skin care?" Well, I was game, what with our relentless sunshine here in Malaysia and my thin Asian skin which is practically being fried from all my driving the whole day long.

I already try my best to protect my skin, applying Clinique's City Block before I venture out. Use an umbrella, big shades and long-sleeved shirts/ long trousers. But it just isn't enough....

Neo Strata Illuminating Serum

Is described as "an advanced formula that contains 12 active brighteners that target 6 pigment control systems to help break up and reduce the appearance of existing pigmentation and discourage new dark spots from forming."

As usual, it is to be used once in the morning and once at night. Its liquid texture is smooth and silky, and it glides onto skin easily. Absorption is fast.

Then I pair it with  the Pigment Controller which  has "extracts from alpine plants and SabiWhite® that help lighten existing pigmentation and prevent new stains. Vitamin E protects the skin from further damage."

After 3 weeks, there is improvement in my skin tone: move even and less dull definitely. As for my freckles, I can't say there is any reduction but I wasn't expecting it anyway. I don't think any beauty product can deliver results so quickly, no matter how big their sales puff is. 

For a dramatic improvement/reduction in freckles/ pigmentation, something more serious like laser treatment or major peeling would be required, something I am not prepared to explore yet.

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