13 June 2012

Standard Chartered is really bad..........

...............in my experience.

I have read some of my friends' complaints about banks like Citibank, Maybank etc. but never thought that grand old Stanchart could now fall into the category of bad customer service, arrogant attitude and irresponsible management of customer's accounts.

I am in the midst of helping my parents in their complaint to Stanchart vis-a-vis extremely poor to absent monitoring of their financial investments bought through their Stanchart Relationship Manager, resulting in them suffering significant principal loss.

If a personalized Relationship Manager program which is supposed to follow Stanchart's sales puff of "your financial priorities are our priorities; Our Priority Banking strategy is centred on providing distinctive and personalized service where we pro-actively connect our customers to financial solutions based on their financial needs" then fails in discharging that duty and instead loses your money, wouldn't you be mad? 

Ha! I now know better and I laugh at Stanchart's marketing claims and promises. None of which has been fulfilled to my parents.

Everyone knows that a verbal complaint will be completely ignored. Stanchart ignored our verbal complaint.

Then I lodged a formal written complaint. They took 3 months to give me a shallow, brief one-pager reply. Outrageous! 

I have served in a civil service complaints department, and I can vouch that my team's responses to complainants are far more detailed, polite, meaty, empathatic and accommodating for further discussion. Stanchart just cuts you right off and basically says, "We did nothing wrong!" Period.

Well, I am asking Stanchart for a better response. A giant bank thinks it can just brush aside its customer like a speck of dust? I think not...


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