05 August 2012

Brown spot corrector that works

Yikes! Brown spot, pigmentation, freckles.....the bane of lighter-skinned Asian women.

Who wouldn't love to have smooth, flawless, evenly-toned skin?

Most of us ladies would have had the perfect baby-smooth skin when we were babes and as young children. Then comes the teenage years with its over active sebaceous glands, white heads and black heads, and pimples. I so admire the lucky females who have very balanced hormones and "normal" skin who never had to contend with combination or sensitive skin. Sigh...........

I have always had some freckles on my face and legs since teenhood. Sure they looked cute then, and didn't pose any problem to my appearance. Now with school-going kids, and much driving to do, my freckles seem to have generated offspring, and also darkened with time. The picture below (not of me) illustrates the problem with freckles/ pigmentation.

The classic pigmentation or brown spots that affect lighter-skinned Asian women cluster around the highest parts of their faces - around their cheekbones. Many moms who do not have drivers and do a lot of driving develop these skin imperfections in their 40s but I have also noted much younger moms, maybe in their late 20s, also having these distinct roundish brown-black spots around their cheekbone areas.

Aaah, to have Carina Lau Kar Ling's (HK actress-Tony Leung's wife-ambassador for SKII) smooth flawless skin would be a dream come true! But of course, her lifestyle and mine couldn't be further apart, so let's just be realistic shall we?

As for the efficacy of SKII? I haven't tried it..although it is so visible, as its ads and promotional materials are plastered everywhere with beautiful and handsome (e.g. Godfrey Gao) ambassadors to testify for it.    

In terms of branded boutique cosmetics, I have only tried Clarins' roll-on spot corrector. I didn't see any results.

Recently, I chatted with a lady who was purchasing Clinique's spot correcting products while I was getting the Super City Block. I asked her if it was working. Ruefully, she merely turned her cheek to me and asked me to inspect her brown spot. It was still there, dark and obvious. She said she would try Clinique one more time (this was her second-round purchase) before moving on to another brand (incidentally, the Clinique sales personnel was doing brisk business selling the spot correcting serums/ creams and assuring that just one bottle would yield results.) Such is our search for the skin care product that works.

Anyway I am now into week 3 of my new spot correcting creams under Reviva Labs.  I use them once at night and once in the morning - Reviva Labs Brown Spot Skin Lightening Night Cream and Reviva Labs Skin Lightener for Day Fade Cream (with SPF 15). I am pretty sure I am not over enthusiastic or hallucinating when I say I notice the cluster of freckles on my right cheekbone lightening in colour, and the single medium-sized brown spot on my left cheekbone also fading considerably. I also have a spot on my right shoulder which is similarly lightening, while a large spot on my right leg (exposed to sun when driving in shorts) is also responding to the treatment creams.

Both the night and day creams are light and absorb quickly, without leaving a greasy residue. I like the fragrance - light, not overpowering and reminds me of my mom's old English products like Hazeline Snow or Pond's Cold Cream. I purchased both creams from an online dealer, and looking at the amount of cream left, I believe they will last me another 2 months, which is good value for money.

Under Reviva's range, I have used their firming eye serum, and have no complaints. The serum is light and absorbs quickly leaving the skin around the eyes feeling refreshed, soft and supple. I am please with Reviva's range of skin care.
(picture from ozskin.wordpress.com and reviva labs homepage)

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