25 April 2013

Oh no! Where's Burger King?

Burger King has folded, closed up and shut down. In Ipoh, that is.

When we first moved to Ipoh in 2009, Burger King set up shop with 2 outlets, shortly after. We were thrilled.

But last year, the Burger King outlet in De Gardens (opposite Kinta City) closed down. We were left with the remaining Burger King in Gunung Rapat, opposite its arch nemesis, Mc Donald's.

While Mc Donald's was always bustling with customers, its drive-thru lane packed with cars, Burger King would be serene and tranquil with just 2 or 3 tables of diners.

Things did not look good.

And so it was that we discovered a couple of nights ago when the kids and dad wanted a burger supper, that the last Burger King outlet in Ipoh had also folded. The building next to McDonald's in Gunung Rapat was dark and deserted when we got there.

Hubby was not pleased, as he much prefers Burger King's burgers to Mc Donald's commercial-tasting non-fragrant but kid-pleasing burgers.

Good bye Burger King, we'll have to see you when we go to PJ.

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