24 May 2013

Rewarding Lady's Fingers

I didn't know that it was so easy to grow lady's fingers.

After clearing our humble vege and herb patch, my maid and I pondered what next to try. She suggested lady's fingers. I wasn't sure. I thought it was a difficult plant to grow, with only meager produce as I thought a single lady's finger plant would only give one bean....silly huh?

Well, we went to the market and up to the second floor to our friendly plants and seeds vendor. We bought a packet of seeds for 50 sen.

We sowed the seeds in several pots with mixed soil. We kept the pots in a shaded area that receives indirect sunlight. I was pleased that my vendor's seeds were fresh and of good quality, as they sprouted after a few days. The little lady's fingers plants grew quickly. When they got big enough, we transplanted them into the ground.

With daily watering and some fertilizer once a fortnight, my plants grew strong and sturdy with large green leaves. They are now taller than I am! And each plant produces many beans.

We now even have a row of second generation lady's fingers plants.

My little girl never really liked this vegetable in the past, but seeing it in mommy's garden, she now eats it with gusto, and enjoys harvesting the beans everyday.

It has been a rewarding adventure with my ladies. 


  1. Hi, may I know where in Ipoh you get the seeds?

    Thank you.

  2. Hello Dinglasan, I got my first lady fingers seeds from the central market in town, opp Mc Donalds. The vendor is one floor above the vegetables section - you will find a couple of vendors here selling potted plants, fertiliser and seeds. There are are also fruit vendors here.

    This area faces a square inner court yard. There are 2 plants vendors here, both occupying corner lots facing the inner court yard. I get my plants and seeds from the vendor on the right, if you are standing facing the inner court yard.