23 January 2011

Choy Kee, Ipoh Garden

We've driven past 2 old-style non-air cond eateries in Ipoh Garden many times at night. And we've marveled at how packed they were. And we commented that we should try eating there. And, we finally did tonight.

At first, we said we would try Yeh Lai Ong, which is located on the row of shops facing Ipoh Garden's Post Office, and on the same row as AmBank and our favourite mamak shop, Bukit Merah. But after checking out some blog reviews, we decided to go for its neighbour, Choy Kee instead.

We arrived at about 6.30pm, not wanting to fight with the crowd. Our dishes were foo-yi yau mak (cos lettuce fried with fermented bean curd), chicken steamed with salted fish, pork ribs, fish slices fried in black pepper sauce and salted-vege with bean curd soup.

Everything was well done and the taste went down well with us. The price was also very reasonable - RM54.

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