01 August 2011

Ding Fung Shabu Shabu

One of the newer eating-cum-shopping places in Ipoh is De Gardens, opposite Kinta City.

Its design and decor are modern, spacious and airy. The owner of De Gardens did not cramp up the place with shops and restaurants, instead allowing for more open passageways, walkways and some fountain areas. The result is something quite pleasant and breezy.

Our children particularly like Tutti Frutti there, which is tucked away in a little open-air corner. We tried the steam boat fare at Ding Fung Shabu Shabu last night. The children were attracted to its individual-pots-style of steam boat, just like another steam boat restaurant in KL, Uncle Duck.

Ding Fung offers all you-can-eat steam boat. Plenty of greens to choose from, seaweed, clams, mussels, mushrooms, all manner of fish cakes and fish balls, fish and chicken slices, as well as slices of pork, beef and lamb.

You have a choice of clear soup or spicy soup. A word of caution on the spicy soup - hubby said apart from the chilly-hot taste of the soup, it is pretty tasteless. And too oily, to the point of making one gag when you drink too much of it. Ding Fung needs to improve on its spicy soup stock.

Free-flow drinks are provided from a dispenser, and there' s a fridge filled with ice cream and jellies for the kiddies to raid. I had red bean soup for dessert, which wasn't half bad.

Dinner is priced at RM30.90 for adults and RM15.90 for kids. Overall, food quality was average, nothing outstanding.

(picture from http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1506961)

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