18 August 2009

Sun shield for the face

I never really liked applying sun shield on my face, despite all the advice to do so. But since my son started school and with me fully employed as his chauffeur, I have had to start applying sun shield to protect myself from Malaysia's unrelenting sun. My freckles have invited more of their friends to sit on my face, some really dark ones too. Woe!

A dematologist recommended Vanicream Sunscreen. While it works, it is not very pleasant to use as the consistency of the cream is heavy and thick, making it difficult to spread over your face. Vanicream Sunscreen also leaves a very white residue on the face. Clinique's Super City Block scores top marks in terms of ease of spreading and its matte brown finish. It really gives you a natural glow.

You might have read articles, debates and concerns about the amount of chemicals used in sun shields. Exploring for other safe sun shields, I've tried MyChelle's Sun Shield, which uses Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, naturally occurring mineral compounds. I am quite happy with MyChelle as it is easy to use, protects against the sun and doesn't leave my face looking pale.

Another mineral-based sun shield I've tried is Desert Essence Organics' Age Reversal SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen. It also contains Vitamin E and antioxidants. My only gripe - still too white on the face.

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