22 July 2011

Legend of The Condor Heroes 1983

This was, and is, one of my favourite Hong Kong TVB martial arts series. I was still in primary school when I first watched this with my mom.

I still watch it today, thanks to hubs who downloaded it for me.

I found a nice music video with scenes involving this couple from the series, my favourite pairing of this actor and actress.

This series was best remembered because the lead actress Barbara Yung, who played the role of Wong Yung, captured the hearts and minds of the Hong Kong audience with her performance. She was a rising star but tragically she died under mysterious circumstances only a few short years after this series was made.

But for me, the roles of Yeung Hong and his love interest Muk Lim Chi, were more significant and memorable.

(Picture courtesy of YuMe's blog at http://blog.yume.vn/xem-blog/nhan-xem-may-tap-dau-cua-ahxd-1983.afgreki_acm.35D0223E.html)


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