29 July 2009

Life is fragile, Cherish it

A few days ago, I read from my secondary school group forum on Facebook that a schoolmate's husband had passed away suddenly. There were many messages of support and condolence sent through cyberspace. Today, our family's gardener said he saw an accident involving a motorcyclist and a school bus, which resulted in the death of the motorcyclist. Little did he realize that the motorcyclist was his own cousin, only 16, until he received a call from his daughter informing him of it.

Life is a gift from God. It is precious, and yes, fragile. Despite our respective challenges and difficulties, our hurt and wanting to "get back" at people sometimes, each day should be special and cherished. Love our loved ones, love ourselves, take time to show a little kindness, do what's right and thank God.

Thank you God, for giving us today.


  1. Hi S-I-L, yes life indeed is fragile. I just got news that an ex-colleague of mine whom i have not met for at least ten years would soon be turning blind! Imagine her fear, anger and trauma she is to face. Suddenly, the 'world' is closing up on her. She would soon loose her job, turn blind and be helpless.

    You see Winnie has gone on a one and a half years leave with effect 1 August 2009. This long leave is unavoidable for her as doctors had diagnosed her with advanced retinitis pigmentosa in both her eyes. Retinitis pigmentosa is an inherited retinal disorder characterized by a progressive loss of photoreceptor cells, and as at now there is no known clinically tested treatment. This means Winnie would eventually turn blind…..just a matter of time. Her right cataract operations done in October 2007 and due to the posterior capsular opacity condition had already reduced her vision; and would certainly speed up the path to total blindness. Winnie is now officially a legally blind person with entitlement to the “Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU)” status.It is a known fact she is unlikely to be back after this lengthy leave.

    She told some of her friends her fear of turning blind, the need for her to look after her aging parents and maybe to train herself to be a good masseuse or perhaps write a book about life and tribulations – going through young childhood days severely affected by high fever that damaged her heart – pain of going through a mitral valve replacement (officially a bionic woman) and besieged with poor heath problems thereafter – and now turning blind!

    Although Winnie were not particularly close to any of us, our hearts goes out to her and would pray for her to be strong to face the challenges ahead.

    I guess we all could not imagine her extend of fear...anyhow we hope for the best for her.

    your s-i-l (no not the other one),Suzanne

    p/s : nice blog!

  2. Hi S-I-L (the right one), that is such a tragic scenario for your ex colleague. Makes us all so grateful for our good health, mobility and everything else that we have.

    Makes us want to work hard, love our family, do a good deed as often as possible, be kind and considerate to family and others. I hope your ex colleague will be provided with support thru support groups or Persatuan Kurang Upaya. Thank you for sharing this story.