03 August 2011

Looking for a good GP doctor in Ipoh

A reliable and friendly clinic is vey important for a young family such as mine.

I had posted in a previous article that I have now settled for Tang Children's Clinic for my children. The children take to him, and he is willing to answer questions and discuss my concerns. Not all doctors are willing to do that. Some doctors won't even give you the name of the medication they are prescribing.

But as for GP doctors for adults, I have only just recently found an acceptable clinic, Poliklinik Keluarga. It is near Ipoh Garden East at Taman Ipoh Permai. I have been there twice and was seen to by one Dr Ng. I found Dr Ng to be friendly to questions. His examination is also more thorough than some doctors. He takes your temperature, looks at your throat and takes his time to listen with his stethoscope (very slowly, in fact), and measures your blood pressure. The clinic is clean and neat, the receptionist alert. This clinic opens in the mornings and nights, which makes it very convenient for night time visits.

I have tried the Kilink Keluarga in Fair Park. I will not go there again, if I can help it. The doctors there look bored, examine you in less than 3 minutes, speak to you for about 3 minutes too and you are out of there! One particular lady doctor at this clinic should retire. She is doing a disservice to her profession. On one occasion when I was there, she actually had the nerve to ask me to move closer to her and then she asked me to lean forward toward her so that she could place her stethoscope on my chest without her having to budge an inch from her own chair! Suffice to say, she isn't the sort you imagine would break a sweat in the gym or even take a brisk walk.

I have also seen Dr Su near Jalan Kampar (same row as JJ's swiss rolls). He is an elderly doctor who is kindly, but he is prone to closing his clinic without notice as he takes frequent holidays.

Of course there is Dr. Esther Kong in town. I think most Ipohans would know her. She is elderly now, and her hours are shortened to 9am to 2pm. From her years of experience, her diagnosis is usually spot on. Only drawback is, you better be the first patient to see her, because if there is even just one person ahead of you, be prepared to wait and wait. Dr. Kong likes to take her time.

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