23 February 2013

Ginvera Nutri White Marvel Gel

And so the experimentation with skin care products continues...by the way, I'm not paid in any way for writing these opinions and my opinions are true and frank (as always).

I've never used anything from Ginvera, until the end of last year when my son started sprouting pimples and black heads. He's at that age.

I used some scrubs on him but they didn't do any good in getting rid of his blackheads on his nose, and I'm too chicken to extract the black heads with the extractor as I'm afraid it might hurt his young skin.

Then my maid (bless her!) saw an advert on Ginvera Nutri White Marvel Gel with all the fabulous claims and she wanted to try it for herself (she has oily skin and occasionally  has pimple breakouts). She suggested that it might help my son too.

So off we trooped to Guardian pharmacy one evening and picked up the gel.

What Ginvera claims

That the Nutri White Marvel Gel is the 3rd generation of MARVEL GEL, which was first launched in 1991. It has been No. 1 in sales for 16 consecutive years in the dead skin and blackhead remover category.

Unlike others, this is the only dead skin and blackhead remover that can soften the deep layers of skin to remove dead skin cells and blackheads thoroughly and gently, without any heat or harsh polishing effect.

The gel:
• Thoroughly rubs away deep layers of dead and aging skin
• Removes blackheads without pain
• Removes dry, coarse, dull and dark skin
• Gives way to new born skin for fairer, finer and younger complexion
• Stimulates metabolism to lighten dark spots and pigmentation effectively
• Removes make-up
• Gradually lightens scars with regular use
• Enhances complete and quick absorption of skincare products
• Daily use reveals a smoother, softer, finer, fairer, more radiant and youthful skin


To be used daily on dry face with dry fingers. Squeeze a sufficient amount and dot on forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and neck. Massage about one minute. Must rinse off with water / facial cleanser after use.

I think...

.... that it does a fairly good job of exfoliating dead skin cells, and thus removing some of the blackheads that form as a result of clogged pores.

After massaging onto my boy's dry skin for the first time, it immediately formed little clumps, probably a mixture of the gel and dead skin. Rinsed off and cleansed his face as usual. After several times of using the gel, my dad-in-law remarked that my son's face had cleared up a bit and looked brighter/ cleaner.

I decided to try it myself. It feels like a very gentle scrub and the sensation of the little clumps forming is interesting. After that, the skin feels a lot smoother, not unlike the feeling after a thorough scrub and/or peel. But the gel is gentle and does not leave your skin red, unlike some harsher exfoliaters.

It's quite economical, at about RM19 for a 60 ml tube of gel. I got a new tube for myself so that I wouldn't have to share it with my son!

Update: Marvel Gels are all the rage now. With lots of cosmetic brands coming out with similar products, and Ginvera has another under their Green Tea series.


  1. I'm also using the Marvel Gel - I love seeing the dead skin become "eraser dust" and my smooth skin after using it :)

  2. Eraser dust? That's a good description! Yes, and the skin feels so smooth after thst.

    I would like to try the ginvera green tea cleanser soon.

  3. Can it be used every day? Or is it used once/twice a week?

    1. Hi Rin, yes it can be used everyday as it is quite gentle.

    2. Oh, thanks!!! I was thinking of buying this but, I wanted to know if it can be used every day~ My friend suggested the ginvera green tea marvel gel one but, i read a few reviews that it doesn't work as good as the nutri white line..