16 July 2012

Somerset at Thompson (Impiana Flora)

More on the gated, more expensive, larger dwellings around the Tiger Lane and Thompson Road area.

In the likes of The Enclave, the Somerset is a gated and guarded concept of living. It markets itself as being along Tiger Lane.

While the Enclave is truly on Tiger Lane, the Somerset is actually off Tiger lane. Quite a bit off, in fact. And of course the developer in its interview with the the Star did not mention that the Somerset neighbours a graveyard.

To provide a better ambience for homeowners, Kaizen Properties Sdn Bhd has constructed a high wall to fence-out the graveyard, thus blocking it from view - a necessary measure.

The Somerset comprises 2 1/2 storey semi-dees, and is a small development with only 18 units tucked at the end of Jalan Haji Marzuki. The developer punched another access through for homeowners so that they will have an option of either going through Jalan Haji Marzuki (which is a very narrow road, not very pleasant to drive on) or the new access, which borders the walled-off graveyard.

Being a small development, it of course lacks the grandeur of The Enclave and does not have any other natural scenic view to embellish it. The price for the houses starts from approx. RM795,000 each.

Perhaps in order to live with peace of mind in a gated environment, and within the Tiger Lane/ Thompson area, prospective buyers are happy to put up with a shortcoming or two. They must be, as I read that the Somerset is practically sold out.
(picture from kaizen.com.my)

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