26 July 2009

Bee Home Cafe (Sharon's Laksa)

This Saturday, my family and I decided to try out Sharon's Laksa in Taman Ipoh Perdana, which my hubby had read about from another Ipoh blogger. The blogger had rated the Laksa highly. I always enjoy spicy foods, so was looking forward to lunch on Saturday.

We arrived at about 12.45 pm, and the restaurant was empty. Service was prompt enough, and Sharon herself was there. When we said we had come to try her laksa, she was pleased. For us, we ordered Sharon's Siamese Laksa and the Sambal Lou Shu Fun. For the kids, we ordered the Chicken Chop and Fried Udon, along with a side of fried won ton. While waiting for our orders to arrive, we went outside to check out their al fresco dining area. Would be pretty pleasant at night.

The Siamese Laksa was tasty and creamy, but not truly the Siamese style we had expected. Perhaps it is Sharon's own interpretation. It was just a bit too sweet. The Sambal Lou Shu Fun, lacked the "fire" or what Chinese call "wok hei", thus tasted rather bland, save for the spiciness of the sambal. My son seemed to enjoy the chicken chop, but for the price of the chicken chop here, I would prefer to have Fantasy Cafe's chicken chop set which consists of soup and bread, the chicken chop with fries and salad, ice cream and tea or coffee. Real value for money and not bad in taste! My little girl enjoyed her Fried Udon, which came with slivers of chicken meat and cabbage. The fried wonton was alright, but there are places that do much better fried won ton, like Hoong Tho in Old Town.

By the time we left, the restaurant had served only one more table of two ladies. Pretty quiet for a Saturday. We probably won't be going back for Sharon's Laksa.


  1. hey, sad to see they're inconsistent with the food.
    i went again yday for lunch, and the siamese laksa was in fact, a tad too sour, until I mistakenly thought it was Assam laksa.

    but on the 1st occasion, the food served were really good. guess QC a bit lacking ...

  2. J2Kfm, perhaps you could mention the QC to them. Would be sad to see them lose customers. Hope their biz grows.

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