15 July 2009

Not working (in an office) in Ipoh

Actually, I asked for it.

I'd been hassling my hubby for some years now to let me stop working full time in an office so I could be at home and enjoy the kids growing up. The move to Ipoh was the event that clinched the deal for me. So, here I am - in Ipoh, and working full time at home.

It's only been 11 months since I stopped work in August 2008. And it was close to moving time, so I've been kept busy. In between, my hubby and I went to Australia and China in Oct and Nov 2008. Then Ipoh in December.

Pros of not working in an office - I can be with my kids and not have to think about them at work, and feel guilty that I am an absent Mom or that I am putting too much burden on my parents to help me raise my kids. I get to watch my little girl take her afternoon nap, and kiss and cuddle her as much as I want. I get to supervise my son's school work, and take them out for breakfast treats. I can supervise the house chores done by my maid, and I don't mind even doing some of the chores myself, my way.

Cons of not working - I didn't expect to be so tired! I'm thinner now than I ever was since my marriage. Attributable to running upstairs and downstairs, refereeing my kids' fights, driving several rounds a day (to school, back from school, tuition, oh forgot bread - out again etc) and of course, the renovations. And now that we have dogs, I bathe them once a fortnight (I can't understand why my fab sis-in-law doesn't have time to bathe her dogs when she doesn't work and doesn't have kids) in addition to tending to the garden. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy these outdoor activities which I did not have when we lived in a terraced house in BU - but I am just surprised that staying home hasn't given me as much "me-time" as I had imagined. Even less, to be honest. In the office, one had chats and coffee with colleagues, and lunch hour. My lunch hour at home now is with the kids, making sure my son eats his whole lunch, then scooting everyone into the car for the drive to school. In the afternonon my lil girl clings to me, and wants Mommy's full attention. I don't even get to pee in private anymore!

But, despite all this, I am truly grateful and thank God that I have the opportunity to stop work and enjoy my kids before their childhood flashes by in a wink of the eye, and they become teenagers (another new ball game!).

Keeping the brain working - Well, there's always Face Book to connect with friends, I read online papers and lately I have volunteered my legal knowledge to ehomemakers, a non-profit organisation helping home-based women be self sufficient. And this blog is my latest endeavour to use my time creatively, for my leisure.


  1. I would never have guessed in a million years that you, of all peoople, would choose to be a full-time mother! But, I also knew that if you did decide to become one, that you would totally embrace it and be marvelous at it. As you do with everything you do.

    SO, what I want to know is, HOW COME you are skinnier?? I, too, am a full-time mother, I homeschool my children and I do not have a maid. I am NOT skinnier.

    My oldest is going to be a teenager next month! Ai-yi-yi!!!

    Kathy in Melbourne

  2. Why am I skinnier? You should know - I am a type A personality. Always worrying (for good reason or no good reason) and tense. Much like I was when I was a student, remember?

    And when the kids get sick, boy do I lose weight! I think I coudl not cope if I home schooled them! As it is, just supervising homework and revision, I am all worked up and upset. You should share your secret with me as to how I should relax and be more laid back.

  3. Welcome to Ipoh, if it is not too late to welcome you. I believed life is much healtier than in KL. No stress and good food! Enjoy your fulltime motherhood!

  4. Thanks See Teck! I have more or less adjusted to life in Ipoh. I am still discovering the good food here...maybe you can share with me :)

    But gee, Ipoh is hotter than KL!