21 April 2012

From my garden

There is a certain joy and satisfaction from working in your garden and watching your plants grow, bloom, blossom and some to even bear fruit.

From an economic point of view, there is little economies of scale. It is much cheaper for me to buy my greens, tubers and fruit from the market. But I grow them in my garden to let my children experience the blossoming of life, and the excitement of watching the magical transformation of flower to fruit, and roots to big fat tubers.

I was surprised with my harvest of sweet potatoes! We have been picking the leaves but I did not think the little plants would yield anything underground. My umbra tree has been loyally yielding fruit since it joined my garden 2 years ago.

My brinjals are now bearing fruit, and my little girl oohs and aahs at the pale purple fruit dangling from the big-slightly-hairy leaves of the brinjal plant. She herself took pride in her spring onions. I think the first vegetable I planted as a child was the humble spring onion too!

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