19 July 2012

Women's Safety

I am so touched and happy that so many of my women friends found my sharing of me becoming a near-crime victim useful, either as a reminder or just a connector between friends, woman-to-woman.

My son has come up with all sorts of ideas - "Mom, carry a pepper spray, keep a baseball bat in your car, go get a tazer". All enthusiastic musings of a child.

But really, what works is "when faced with danger, run!".

Even my son's Wing Chun kungfu master said the same thing. When another mom and I asked him whether he could, would or had fought with multiple attackers, he smiled wistfully and said, Em ho ta, chao sin! that is, don't fight, flee first.

The pepper spray: to be effective, we have to carry this in hand when walking to our cars, along with our car keys, hand bag slung over a shoulder, possibly holding the hand of a child and some shopping bags to boot. Would it be of any help in the event we are set upon?

The tazer: Don't think it's legal to carry one in Malaysia yet. Anyone knows about this?

Baseball bat:: No son, I don't think Mommy is going to actually bash up any guy who threatens me.

My previous employer had invited Captain Bala Supramaniam to give a talk on safety for women. It was tremendously helpful  and I think all who attended were grateful that HR thought to have this talk for the benefit of female staff.

I've sat down to think about safety before. Mine and the children, when I am out with them without my husband. Actually, even with my husband, I need to have a plan as I don't think an accompanying man can keep me any safer!

Parking: I try to park in a visible, lighted and busy spot. Not in a corner, next to a thick pillar or anywhere creepy.

Walking to my car: I keep looking around, and make it obvious that I AM LOOKING around. Walk fast, walk confidently.

Car keys: Always in hand, and with the sharp end of the key pointing outwards.

Shoes: When with my kids, I try to wear comfortable, flat soled shoes that won't trip me up. But on the other hand, high heels have its uses as a weapon.

Elevators: I observe the other passengers, type and number in total. If need be, I get out.

Handbag: If it isn't necessary, I try not to carry one. Just stuff enough cash into my pocket, and my handphone too. Or I carry a waist pouch. Sure, I don't look too elegant if you catch me on my routine outings around town, but hey, something's got to give. I always admire those ladies I see in full makeup, tight sexy clothes, killer heels and huge designer bags, laden down by jewellery too! Seems like they are the lucky ones who can strut their stuff without being mugged.

No fancy kungfu, just keep our wits!

(picture from http://tallackmartialarts.spreadshirt.com)

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