19 February 2012

He lost his balls today.....

....my Benjie, that is. My 4 yr-old Labrador mix - slight, slim and black.

Been meaning to have him neutered especially since Coco our female Rottie pup joined the family. She hasn't been spayed and since she is a pedigree, we might consider letting her have a litter or 2.

I really didn't know what to expect. I had Benjie tied up while the other females were caged up so as not to have any curious observers. I sat with Benjie at the back porch, waiting for the vet to arrive. Guess dogs do have a 6th sense - Benjie started whimpering and crying. I reassured him.

The vet was kind enough to make a house call, so my maid and I had set up an operating table for him the night before at our back porch. Just a simple square mahjong table, scrubbed down and wrapped in a huge white plastic sheet. The vet was appreciative when he arrived. He was prepared to do the grisly task on the floor right on our front porch!

First thing, sedation. The vet said the jab would be quite painful and requested for a muzzle. When the needle went into his hind quarter, Benjie yelped and struggled. But the drug had already gone in. In less than 5 minutes, Benjie sat down, eyes glazed over, swayed slightly then keeled over, but with eyes wide open.

Benjie was hauled onto the operating table and the vet asked me to keep its hind legs apart while he shaved off some hair around Benjie's groin area. Then out came the blade and the vet made an incision a short distance away from the scrotum about an inch and a half in length The vet proceeded to prod around a bit then started applying more pressure until suddenly pop! Out came a huge pale-looking ball-like organ - the testicle.

Now when this happened, I was genuinely surprised. Oh, my maid and daughter were observing the procedure too. My husband had dropped by the back porch to say hello and then slunk away. My son was sleeping but I don't think he has the constitution to stomach this spectacle anyway. My daughter was fascinated.

The testicle was duly snipped off, after which the vet hunted around for the second ball. Out it came, and off it went. The vet said, "When he wakes up, it will be a whole new world." I bet.

I wouldn't have minded a career in veterinary science. Takes 5 years, just as long as what I studied.


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