31 October 2012

Bio Essence Face Lifting Cream

Not being a cosmetics or skin care fanatic, I don't regularly check out new products or run screaming to cosmetics promotions at malls. But like any other lady, I do take pains to care for my skin, hoping to find THE right cleanser, toner, moisturiser, face-preserving miracle cream....

I've been seeing a lot of ads on Bio Essence products and my friendly neighborhood Guardian sales staff always guides me to their skin care aisles whenever I am at the store. And it happened to be on special, so I thought, why not?

The Product

Bio Essence Face Lifting Cream with ATP is part of the ATP V Face Series.

According to the Bio Essence official webpage, Adenosine Tri-phosphate (ATP) is a coenzyme that stores the energy to support metabolism in our cells and is known as the “energy currency of life”. It improves micro circulation to facilitate the renewal and repair of our skin cells while restoring suppleness, radiance and firmness to the skin.

Bio Essence explains that as the skin is the largest organ of the body, huge amounts of ATP are necessary to allow it to thrive, regenerate and renew itself. ATP is literally required for all processes that take place in the body, from DNA replication and skin regeneration to muscle contraction and collagen synthesis.

Another skin therapy specialist, Bio Therapeutic, similarly states that the skin requires an enormous amount of the most vital form of energy that makes life itself possible, that is ATP. It goes on to explain that although there are many factors associated with aging, energy in the form of ATP is the epicenter of cellular life, and has everything to do with the way that we function, the way that we feel, and of course the appearance of our skin.

However, the natural production of ATP by the body dwindles with age. By the time we reach age 60, the amount of ATP produced by the body would have almost halved, compared to when we were in our 20s. A lack of ATP also means that the body functions less efficiently – and this applies to your skin’s metabolism too. Without sufficient ATP in the body, the skin ages more rapidly too. 

Well, now that we have learned some science, I guess Bio Essence is selling the V Face Series based on the importance of ATP to skin health and appearance.


The description is a breathtaking sales puff claiming 8 Marvelous Benefits:
  1. Contracts pores and refines skin
  2. Reduces visible fine lines & wrinkles
  3. Fades spots & whitens skin
  4. Firms sagging skin
  5. Reduces double chin
  6. Reduces visible aging lines
  7. Lifts facial contours
  8. More moisturizing, shapes V face & look younger
Directions :
Apply day and night on face after essence. Massage gently onto face and neck area in upward lifting motion until fully absorbed. When the product works to firm facial contours, a slight tingling sensation would be felt.

My experience

The white rich cream comes in a heavy circular container. It does not come in a pump format. I actually prefer my creams in tubs like this. I know some people may have concerns about having to dip their finger into the cream but I think there is little to worry about contaminating your cream. After all, when you are applying your facial care products, you would have ensured your hands are clean. I don't like lotions and creams that are delivered via pump as I find there is a lot of wastage towards the end, not to mention frustration if the pump fails to work!

The cream is cool and sticky to the touch. I find the fragrance pleasant and not overpowering. It is rather rich, and I find that it requires some time for me to gently rub the cream in circular motion and upward strokes before it fully penetrates into the skin.

The first time I used the cream, I felt a tingling sensation. After several days, a couple of pimples appeared. I worried whether the cream was too heavy for my combination skin. But I persevered, and after a couple of weeks, my skin has cleared up. I notice that the cream refines and reduces pore size, leading to a more even skin tone and smoother, dewy appearance. Even just going out with the Bio Essence Face Lifting Cream and a layer of Clinique City Block is sufficient, without any foundation or powder.

As I don't have a double chin, sagging skin or visible aging lines, I cannot vouch for Bio Essence's claims in those areas.

The cream is definitely on the richer side and may not lend itself too well to younger skin for people in their early 20s. I read some blogs where the bloggers commented that they had breakouts with the cream.

While the cream has not noticeably slimmed down my face, I would recommend this cream as a moisturiser for those aged 30+ and above. If we can't slim down our faces, at least we can maintain its suppleness and keep it well moisturized!
(pictures courtesy of nerdy-aya.blogspot.com, bioessence.com.sg)

10 October 2012

Malaysian fruits: Sukun or Breadfruit

Coming to Ipoh and having the blessing of a large garden have certainly enhanced my botanical senses.

I spotted a large tree with torn-looking leaves next to a kampung house on the way home from servicing my car. What attracted my attention were the light green, round fruits the size of small pomelos hanging abundantly on the branches.

Some old memory flickered in me. Could it be? I remembered eating fried sukun from the pisang goreng vendor who used to ply his trade opposite the Government/ immigration complex at Damansara Heights. I haven't had that in years! When I told my maid about it, she was surprised that I even knew about the fruit, which is called breadfruit in English.

My maid then informed me that there were several breadfruit trees growing along the road shoulders not far from our house, and also in several neighbouring compounds. Indeed! When I specifically sought them out while driving, I saw 2 such trees on our main road, and a heavily fruiting one in my neighbour's garden. They look so cute, these green balls hanging down from the branches. And there is a long row of breadfruit trees along the road in front of Kolej Ungku Omar near Taman Cempaka.

What bounty nature provides, as the ground was littered with freshly dropped sukun! We picked up 2, and brought them home to make battered-and-fried sukun. Yummy.

I read on some blogs that it is not common to find sukun these days in KL. Well, isn't it wonderful that Ipoh is still so green and abundant with nature's gifts?

Now, I need to get a breadfruit sapling.