27 August 2009

Genji @ PJ Hilton

While in KL over the current school holidays, we quickly made a reservation for dinner at Genji Japanese Restaurant, given the scarcity of good Japanese food in Ipoh. We were not disappointed.

We were booked for the buffet dinner on Saturday for the 6-7.45pm slot. The second slot is from 8-10pm. The ambience inside Genji was soothing and calm. The wait staff were attentive and friendly. Our kids were really excited to be able to choose from the array of food displayed.

The sashimi and sushi were fresh, as were the oysters. I had 5 oysters with some lemon squeezed onto them - delicious! The tempuras were very well done as were the deep fried soft shell crabs. The prawn tempura wins top marks for being fresh and crisp. The stir fried beef was tender and tasty, while my little girl had 3 helpings of soupy udon, and 2 cups of chawan mushi. She enjoyed dipping her marshmallow sticks into warm melted chocolate. My boy had his fill of sushi and explored the well-stocked dessert table.

The time just flew, and we left satisfied with the quality of the buffet. We will definitely go back for more, next trip.


  1. Genji is our all-time favorite Japanese restaurant too. We love the Sunday buffet lunch. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  2. Glad we have Genji in common! Hope you are feeling better today :)