19 July 2013

42 Foodies

This is a fairly new restaurant serving Italian food.

It is located in Fair Park in the row of shops behind the Petronas station. It's quite easy to locate.

I read about it on FB as the Canning Garden ADUN had written about lunching there, and hubby's friend from KL also happened to try it out.

As with many new restaurants these days, 42 Foodies had opted for a simple look with clean lines and minimal fuss. Being a weekend, a reasonable crowd had come in for lunch.

I had the pasta vongole. The clams we get here in Malaysia can't compare to the clams used in this dish when we were in Rome. The stock also lacked the rich-garlic-clammy taste that made it so delicious when I had it back in 2004.   

Hubby had a seafood aglio olio spaghetti which he said was alright. But their grilled beef burgers were a big disappointment. Priced at RM19, they are not cheap and you would rightfully expect it to be made by the restaurant and not commercially bought. Well, the burger patties looked home-made but they were quite tasteless, and seemed to have a very low % of meat in them. Definitely not worth the price.

All in all, we were not impressed. 

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