23 August 2011

Combination Skin care

I'm always lamenting about my sensitive combination skin-type.

And I haven't been able to go for my usual facial as I have been troubled by a nagging cough this whole month, since coming back from vacation. It won't do to have my beautician applying mask on me or massaging my face when I am suddenly seized by a violent fit of coughing!

So I have had to do home facial therapy. I recently started using Pangea Organic's Japanese Matcha Tea Facial Mask and I like it. Before applying the mask I cleanse twice, once with BWC Vitamin C facial cleansing gel and then with Earth Science's Apricot Facial Scrub.
I am also happier because I may have finally found a suitable night cream for my combination skin, from a German brand, Anne Marie Borlind. No breakouts, no oily bumps, and enough pampering to moisturise the skin. I initially tried Anne Marie Borlind's LL Regeneration range for age 30+, but found the cream to be too rich. Ahhh....so my skin acts younger than it is!

I think I'll try the combination skin day essence next.

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