30 August 2013

Unique chee cheong fun (and other food) in Teluk Intan

We were in Teluk Intan recently for an uncle's grand 80th birthday celebration.

The dinner was held at Tai Chong restaurant, which served up traditional Chinese dishes that tasted great.

As it fell on a Saturday night, we decided to stay the night in TI rather than drive home after the dinner. After consulting some friends, we decided on Grand Court Hotel, the newest one in TI.

It was a clean decent hotel. Just don't expect too much. We booked a family room with 2 double beds. The room was sizeable, but under-furnished. The bathroom was adequate. The wi-fi was not working, much to my boy's dismay!

Most of my friends asked me to try the Teluk Intan chee cheong fun, which is very unique. It has dried shrimps and some form of preserved vegetable embedded into the chee cheong fun. The chee cheong fun is also flat and folded into a square. Lastly, it is not served with any sauce. The preserved vege and dried shrimps lend enough flavour to the chee cheong fun.  I thought my kids wouldn't like it but I was wrong. They loved it.

We bought the chee cheong fun from Liew Kee, famous in TI. They start business from about 530pm through the night until early in the morning. I had read on blogs that you can't eat there but would have to take away. But I was surprised that Liew Kee operates from behind locked gates and grills! Such is the state of security in Malaysia! Really sad.

We also had time for a lunch of nasi kandar from Nasi Kandar Changkat Jong. It's really easy to find this place. It's on the main Jalan Changkat Jong that brings you into Teluk Intan - zinc roofs opposite Dunlop Tyre. Very popular and very delicious. My girl cleaned up her plate with 2 large pieces of fried chicken and lots of papadam!

But a cousin said there is a better nasi kandar in town located at Speedy Road Padang, opposite the Telekom Tower. We will have to try that next time.

The same cousin also informed us about the best Iced Chendol in Teluk Intan which can be found at the corner of Jalan Sitabharam Pillay and Jalan Pasir Bedamar. The mobile stall is next to the TOTO shop. Yummmmyyy, lots more to try out the next time we go to TI.

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