03 June 2013

Floor cleaner

I have two points to make in this post.


I found this really neat floor cleaner. It is a no-rinse floor cleaner. After you mop your floor with it, you can actually feel that your floor is squeaky clean! Good enough for a TV ad.

My maid won't use any other mop solution now.

The floor cleaner is just called SGLL 1188. Costs RM13.90 for a one liter bottle.


I found another shop selling my floor cleaner so I bought a bottle of it home.

Alas! This bottle is a fake. Imitation. Complete passing off.

Look closely at the picture of both the bottles. Can you spot the difference? The original floor cleaner is on the right.

Lawyers should have a case with this should the original manufacturer choose to sue.

People would make a fake version of anything these days. Beware.


  1. may i know where you got this product?

  2. Hi Mr. Rizal, I happened to buy it in Ipoh. Where are you from?