24 August 2010

Parks in Ipoh

The park most familiar to us is the Polo Grounds (Taman Rekreasi Sultan Abdul Aziz) along Jalan Tambun. It has a large-sized field, stately old trees, some playground and exercise equipment, and a newly added pond.

The Polo Grounds is extremely popular with the people in Ipoh, with families taking their kids there in the evenings and weekends, and people of all ages exercising, walking and jogging on the tracks. The Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh has done a good job, I must say, in promoting exercise as they organise weekend morning aerobics routines for the public, which is a great success. A rare "well done" to you, MBI!

Other than the Polo Grounds, another park of note would be Taman DR Seenivasagam. But Taman DR has lost much of its charm and atttraction, according to my husband. He remembers that as a child he used to ride his bicycle with his family there, but today, Taman DR is not attractive at all. MBI should do more to upgrade and revitalise this large and well located green lung.

Today, I discovered another gem of a park. A very large, well landscaped park with a huge lake as its central feature - Eco Park in Taman Botani. I gather it is part of the township of Taman Botani (developed by KLK Group) and it appears that the developer has not stinged in sprucing up this recreational area. The lake teems with large fish, and one complete circuit around the lake would give me more than enough exercise for the day!

I hear that another township in Ipoh - Tiara Lake Park in Pengkalan - is set to provide a serene and beautiful lakeside park for Tiara Lake Park residents, and of course the general public, to enjoy. Will have to check that out.


  1. Hi KL girl in Ipoh! Where is this park Taman Botani located? How can we get there coming from bandar baru tambun?

  2. Hi May May, Taman Botani is on the way out of Ipoh if you go along Jalan Gopeng, all the way out until you come to the famous cave temples areas (Sam Po Toong)and all the pomelo stalls. There you will see shops on your right opposite the cave temples and signs to Taman Botani. Do go and have a walk with your family in the evening or morning.