13 July 2009

Making the move to Ipoh

If you've ever done a move before, you will know it involves a lot of headache. If you were single, it would be much easier but with kids and a terracehouse full of 8 years of living, memories and stuff bought over the years, it can be quite a herculean task. And I was left to deal with the move mostly on my own as hubby was too busy working. Oh and in the middle of that I also had to resign from my job and wrap up my work in the office.

Movers - they cost a lot of money! And I was not prepared to pay RM3k to move my stuff although it would be a lot more convenient. I contacted Continential and Crown relocaters, whose services I ultimately did not use. In the end, we just rented a 10-tonne truck that came with the driver and his 3 assistants - that cost me RM1,200.

We also consulted for suitable dates to do the move. You know, us being Chinese and all.

With money saved meant my maid and I became packers. It took us about 5 weeks of daily packing to get our stuff taped into boxes. In between I had to ensure my little girl was entertained, otherwise she would be climbing into the boxes or trying to help us. Clothes that we would use upon arrival in Ipoh went into suitcases, as did the kids' toys, books and stationery. Each packed box was numbered and labelled with its contents, and also entered into my master list. My master list also contained all the other to-dos: get my son enrolled into his new school in Ipoh, disconnect phone/electricity/water, pay any outstanding bills, update new address for all our accounts/ friends, get standby supplies of medicines etc.

Needless to say, I lost weight during the process. Come December 2008, we emptied our house onto the truck, walked around the house with mixed emotions and drove off to our new life in Ipoh. I recall it was rainy that day, which only added to my melancholy.


  1. Hi,

    Stumbled upon your blog and I must say, your blog is very interesting as you write beautifully!

    We have a lot in common. I am an Ipoh girl and we shifted to Selangor and now, it is home in Bandar Puteri Puchong. I used to miss Ipoh as it still has its small town charm and I also missed my friends and our fave food haunts terribly!!!

    I can identify with you about uprooting, acclimatisation and doing our best to be a good mommy and wife!

    I still visit Ipoh during the holidays for a much needed R & R!! You can email me at henry777@tm.net.my anytime as I would love to hear from you.

    Take good care,

  2. Hi,

    i'm moving back to Ipoh soon, and i would like to know where did you rent the lorry for house moving that time? Appreciate if you could help me on this. Thanks a lot!

  3. Hi are you presently in KL? I saw that you are from Kuching?

    1. Hi, yup i'm from Kuching but currently working in KL. My hubby is from Ipoh. He had been relocated back to Ipoh so i would have to follow him back too. its a big headache for me to move back to Ipoh. Totally have no idea how to move a "house" home..lolz..

    2. Hi 紫雁

      Oh another Ipoh boy coming back to hometown! Good! Seems to be a lot more Ipoh natives coming back. There must be growth in employment opportunities then.

      Don't worry. It does seem like a big headache to move your whole house, your belongings, your whole life even, to a new town. But with some planning, it's not so bad. Please refer to my latest posting on helpful contacts in Ipoh. And good luck on your move!

      Keep me posted on your journey back to Ipoh here, ok?