13 October 2013

Chee Cheong Fun and Curry Noodles at Keng Nam

It is wet and rainy this morning.

It has been wet and rainy in Ipoh all week, coinciding with the Chinese Nine Emperor Gods Festival which is celebrated for nine days. It usually rains during this festival in Malaysia. I guess there are certain associations we make, like hot and dry for Chinese New Year.

On our way out to breakfast this morning, we came across the grand send-off procession for the Nine Emperor Gods Festival in town. Of course we didn't know about it, and wondered why there would be such a snarl in Ipoh on a Sunday morning and why there were so many people lining up alongside the covered walkways of the shops as it had begun to drizzle.

Using alternative roads, we arrived at a coffee shop called Keng Nam on Cowan Street. It is an old favourite with my grandmother-in-law (who is now in her 90s), though we don't frequent it much. When we got there, the shop was packed out. Looks like it's still popular!

I was thankful we managed to secure a table pretty quick. The kids saw a chee cheong fun stall and went for that, while hubs and I had the soupy curry with a mix of yellow noodles and vermicelli. I noticed people having kaya rice, so we had that as well.

The kids' assessment of the chee cheong fun was that it is almost as good as our favourite chee cheong fun stall at Yei Lock. After his curry mee, hubs had a small serve of the chee cheong fun and said that the kids are right. 

As for the curry noodles, it was not bad. The curry gravy was well done and satisfying.

Here's the kaya served on top of glutinous rice - sticky and sweet. Children love it.

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