12 April 2010

Feet care - see a podiatrist

Have you ever had a corn on your foot? You know, it's really uncomfortable as the corn gets larger. Each step you take, you feel something poking into your sole.

I never had a corn until about 4 years ago. I went to the little park near our house in BU and played some impromptu badminton, without the proper shoes - and taa daa, I had the first corn in my life. And the sad thing about corns is, once you've had one, chances are that they tend to recur, at exactly the same spot. It's so true that we have to keep our body well and in good condition - one little breakdown, and your parts are never as good as they were before.

The first time I had that nasty little thing removed, I didn't know better. I went to my company's panel clinic, Klinik Famili at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. The doc there said sure she could remove it. But she performed a mini surgery! Went for my little corn with swords drawn, needles piercing, blood letting and bandages rolling - youch! I couldn't walk properly for a day after.

When my corn reappeared, I thought there's got to be a better way. I researched about podiatrists and whether there were any in Malaysia. Very few, but I found one in Sunway Medical Centre. I had to get a referral and that same Klinik Famili was very offended and reluctant to refer me to a "podiatrist" because a GP could do it for me (I don't think the GP even knew what a podiatrist is!)

Ah, professional feet care at last! The podiatrist removed my corn in about 10 minutes, with a scalpel BUT there was no blood, no pain, no anaesthetic, no needles, no bandages - it was marvellous. And I could walk and run normally immediately after that. The podiatrist said GPs do not know how to treat feet problems like corns etc but there is not much awareness about that here in Malaysia. In hindsight, I should have sued Klinik Famili for their negligent treatment of a very minor foot problem. And Klink Famili is on the panel of so many government bodies - hmmph!

Now that we are here in Ipoh, I had to find a podiatrist. I had very low hopes of locating one here (Ipoh being a small city and all) but to my amazement and delight, my husband found a British podiatrist practising here in Ipoh! We visited her last weekend and she removed my corn using the same painless method as the podiatrist in KL. Even better, she massages the feet briefly and she is able to do reflexology too. We were informed that she will soon be providing her services to Kinta Medical Centre.

So, the next time you have a foot problem - corn, ingrown toe nail, fungus on your foot - do check out a podiatrist.


  1. Thanks for the info. Hubs has corns but he's too afraid to see a doctor :(


  2. Tell him there's nothing to worry about seeing a podiatrist.

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  4. To my dear reader who comments in Chinese - I am so sorry I cannot read or write Chinese. But thanks for reading my blog.

  5. Hi there,

    Just came across your blog. Do you have any contact for the podiatrist in Ipoh?

    I need to take my mum for her corn treatment too. Appreciate any name or place or even a landmark so we can look for her.

    Thank you.


  6. I have my corn problem for many,many years. Not one but it grew, think now I have like 4 . I really am sick n tired of buying plaster corn or the liquid one. I need to get rid of it. Do you have the panel doctor's name and contact.
    Thanks very much!
    Mrs Yap.

  7. Hi all! Sorry for the long silence, have been busy and not attending to my blog.
    The podiatrist's name is Ms Allison Deacon and you can call her at 0122466993. She stays in Meru, Ipoh. Any problems write to me again.
    Don't worry she will scrape off your corn, painless and effective.
    Oh and Luee, dont use the acid corn liquid anymore. Allison says it is very bad for your foot.

  8. Hello!

    I was so happy to find your blog. Thank you for your generous sharing of your experiences with corns and how you found a good podiatrist in Sunway Medical Centre that cured your corn.

    Can I have the name and contact no. of the podiatrist at Sunway Medical Centre that treated you?

    My husband has corns for many years and it saddened me to see him in such great pain most of the time. He always cut them off but they keep on reappearing. Seeing GPs, using corn plasters and salicyclic and lactic acids don’t seem to work too.

    I hope you can help. Thank you so much. Mrs Soong

  9. Hello Mrs Soong

    I am glad you find my blog helpful. It's always good to share good information! As for the podiatrist in Sunway Medical Centre, his name is Brandon Bergen, I think that's how it's spelt. You can just call up Sunway Medical and ask for his clinic. There may be more than one podiatrist there now, so your husband can try them out!

    I know corns are a pain. I never had that problem until I wore sandals and played badminton on a whim! That's when my problem with corns started. However, your husband should know that once corns appear, they keep recurring. So it is a maintenance issue. A podiatrist helps you keep them controlled and keep your feet comfortable. Hope you find Brandon!

    1. Hey... just read your blog and wanted to update you that Dr Brendan J Bergin is now with Twin Tower Medical Clinic~ I was looking for a podiatrist in Sunway Medical Centre but couldn't find any so I just googled Podiatrist in Malaysia...

    2. Thank you for your update! found him on Twin Tower thanks to you :D

  10. Thank you so much for your sharing!

  11. Hi, thow much does it cost for the treatment at sunway?

  12. Guazi, I'm sorry I can't remember how much it costs in Sunway Medical Ctr for the corn removal. Why don't you call up Sunway Medical and speak to Brandon? I'm sure he would give you his charges.

  13. Hi,

    Do you know where the podiatrist is now? I'm looking for one as I am having problems with my big toe nail being thin and soft.

    thank you.