08 July 2012

Wendy's in Ipoh - finally

Looks like we moved to Ipoh at the right time.

If we came here several years earlier, there would be no Burger King and no Wendy's. Now most of what the kids expect are here, except for Toys R Us!

So it was a happy 4-some when we had lunch at Wendy's at the spanking-new AEON Station 18. Of course we had to have everyone's favorite chilly.

It's been a long time since I had a Wendy's burger, but my mushroom melt was great - tender, moist and fragrant. Sure beats McDonald's (no offence!)

(picture courtesy of myjudythefoodie.com)


  1. In KL: wendy's used to be at jalan masjid india..(long-long time ago).

    in puduraya we had white-castle (those small burgers)

    near lebuh ampang we had carls junior (secondary schools days, free re-fill)

  2. Hey I remember White Castle too! It didn't do very well did it?

  3. Have you tried:-

    1) nasi vangga (or locals call it nasik ganja, Jalan Yang Kalsom)
    2) drive thru' tau-foo-far (near kamdar, Mcd super kinta area)
    3) Mee goreng Cathay Jalan Yang Kalsom

  4. Haha, you also a foodie!

    Yes I have tried all of it. The nasi vangga at both the Jalan Yang Kalsom and Greentown; the Funny Mountain tauu foo far.

    Mee goreng Cathay in Yang Kalsom - is this the mee mamak ah? My husband likes it but to me soso only, I think mee mamak in KL is better!

  5. mee foodie!

    wait did you try the mee goreng in the shop or tapau? tapau is better, becoz its mix-up with the banana leaf...