28 January 2010

Acts of desecreation unacceptable

All Malaysians condemn acts of desecration carried out against places of worship, all places of worship, in the country.

Whether it is stomping on a severed cow head or leaving severed wild boar heads at a surau; these acts are unacceptable to all right-thinking and peace-loving Malaysians who love their country and have seen Malaysia grow to celebrate 52 years of independence.

We can only hope that the government and police force are able to quickly, effecitvely and fairly conduct their investigations to bring those responsible to book and to expose their malicious agendas.

May cool heads, rational thinking and the spirit of unity prevail.

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  1. 好文不寂寞~支持!!!!@@a 搞錯了,這不是論壇推文 XDDD.........................