19 July 2011

Of blue skies, grey haze and white clouds

Last week was a bad week for Ipoh as we were badly hit by the haze. Our API was 136, at the worst. Unusual, as the haze does not normally travel so far up north. And with the air quality that bad, with the DOE having announced a ban on open burning, I was sad to see people disregarding the environment and the health of others by continuing to burn big piles of garden refuse.

I don't take our beautiful blue skies and fluffy white clouds for granted anymore.

Once, long ago, our clear blue skies were a daily gift - always present and sometimes, unnoticed.

But since 1997, when the annual regional forest fires/ open burning during the dry season started giving rise to heavy smoke and haze, obscuring our blue skies and suffocating our air, I now take special note and pause with gratitude for each day that I see that the skies above our country are clear and blue.

Today is one such day.

There is a gentle wind, and the tree branches are nodding in the breeze. The clouds are puffing white, suspended in a light blue expanse. The sunlight is strong and a pale yellow, casting dappled light wherever it shines through trees and shrubs.

Malaysia is a blessed country, a lucky land. May she be ruled by a government chosen by the people, of the people and for the people, fairly and justly.


  1. Hi KL girl in Ipoh! Indeed we are having a good weather today. Kudos on the blogging! Its informative (on my part since I'm a foreigner). I didn't know that we are having a haze problem right here, although I noticed last week that it was pretty hazy out there. Our pediatrician just told us this morning the reason why my children and husband are sneezing up a storm as of late. Sadly ,it's because of the haze.

    So good work on the blogging and keep them coming!=)

  2. Hi May May, thanks for reading my blog! Glad you find it informative.How did you stumble upon my blog?

    My daughter and I have been having very bad coughs last couple of weeks, no thanks to the haze! Hope the haze stays away now...

  3. I was looking for a baking good store/supplier here in Ipoh via the internet.That's how I saw your blog.You wrote about this place near Wooley's, so I might see the store one of these days.

    You know, I can totally relate to you and your blog! I'm also a stay at home mom for my 2 kids and I had to quit work to move here from the Philippines, 4 years ago. But I like it here so much in Ipoh. We have settled in quite nicely.

    Keep on writing--or should I say blogging. I have found something to keep me informed and entertained at the same time.More power to you!=)

  4. Nice to hear that you like it here in Ipoh. I still kinda miss KL, though. But am definitely getting settled here.