02 June 2012

Eating healthy

Raising a family requires a girl to feed them. And to feed them well, and in as many interesting ways she can think of.

Many a mom will remember how difficult it is to get her kids to eat solid foods post-weaning and then on to toddlerhood and childhood with the vege refusals, carbo-only meals, fast food temptations, instant noodle requests, and so on.

I am fortunate in the sense that my children and husband do not have a sweet tooth and they do not crave sugar-laden fizzy drinks or desserts. Or much junk food for that matter. McDonald's, Burger King or KFC is a treat only once in every few weeks. We always eat at home on school days and eat out 2-3 times each weekend.

In the last month or so, news of a dear friend's child's sickness has made me think about more healthy options. Perhaps going organic for vegetables? I found a farmer within a 50 km radius from my home who even delivers to the house - Green Wish Vege Farm near Chenderiang, Tapah. Change our staple white rice to brown rice? Before, my husband had always said that brown or mixed rice types were unpalatable. I got a 5kg bag of brown rice, anyway. And when the family ate the first meal of brown rice, nobody complained! I guess we can go with brown rice from now on...

Fruits, though, is a problem. I do not enjoy fruits, neither does my husband. And because of that I have a natural inertia against buying fruits. We can keep a boxful of fruits, in still pristine condition, in the fridge for a month without eating them! My maid always asks why I bother to buy fruits. She doesn't like fruits either.

Still, I give the children freshly squeezed apple and orange juice everyday with out Kenwood juicer.

Discussing the healthy aspects of eating and general living with hubs got him thinking and looking into high powered blenders. The juicer just gets the juice out from the fruit but there's still a lot of goodness gone to waste in the left over pulp. So last week, he got the distributor to send to us the JTC Omniblend V. Wow it's powerful and works fast! We get to drink the whole fruit. And it is so much easier to clean a blender than a juicer, where you have to remove the fruit pulp and spilt juice from the sides of the juicing machine.

This holidays, the family is enjoying fruit smoothies and milk shakes from the Omniblend.


  1. Hi, Do you have any contact info to a place that sells the Omniblend blenders?

  2. Hi Green Mommy, sure I do. Let me ask mu husband and I can message you. Would you like me to reply here or email to your email address?