01 March 2013

General Elections #13

This must be the most eagerly anticipated and longest awaited general election in Malaysia!

Today is March 1st and the leadership has yet to announce anything official. Sure, everyone is saying it has GOT to be this month.

With all the feel good news, good GDP growth for the country, not to mention all the $$ handouts to the rakyat over the last year or so, one would think the ruling government should be confident enough to call for elections.

I think, finally, with cyber-power allowing instant and free communication and dissemination of news/ views/ happenings, we are in a new era of knowledge and enlightenment. Leaders are now constantly kept on their toes. The slightest mistake or fauxpas or stupidity or insensitivity on their part will be immediately made known and shared hundreds of times before any damage control can hope to kick in.

That has got to be scary for political leaders.

As the rakyat, we have the right to expect the highest standards from our leaders.

For all the politicking and fight to win the elections, whether it be Barisan Nasional (BN) or Pakatan Rakyat (PR), what all Malaysians want is a capable, credible, clean and consistent government that works more than it talks to lead the nation into the future as a developed nation in the midst of economic and social challenges.

If any government of the day just got fat and lazy and didn't do a good job, it doesn't get elected again. A new government is voted in to serve the nation and to prove its worth. If that government doesn't deliver either, then it gets the boot too.


This is democracy.  

There's no need for anyone to get emotional or to whip out the racial card.

Malaysia's strength and unique allure is in its diverse racial and religious makeup.  

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