18 October 2013

Ah Oh Thai Food

After that disastrous meal at Koh Sa Mui Thai restaurant on Cowan Street, we were a little leery about trying another Thai restaurant in Ipoh. But this one came well recommended, so we took the bite.

And it wasn't bad. Much, much better than Koh Sa Mui.

This place is just behind Kok Tai Restaurant in Ipoh Garden East, close to Kinta City.

We got there well before 7pm and were the first customers. The lady owner- (I presumed) cum-chef was sitting at one of the tables outside chatting on her mobile until we walked into the restaurant. She followed us in and took our order, then disappeared into the kitchen to wok-up her food (sorry, couldn't resist that!)

Mango salad was tangy and appetizing, maybe a bit too tangy, but I don't mind sour notes (just sour people).

Fried squid was nice and crispy.

Ahhh, and the tom yam kung was flavourful, spicy and sour. Mmmm...

We had salted fish and kai lan for our greens, green chicken curry and sweet and sour pork for the kids. We enjoyed all the dishes except maybe for the S&S Pork - the Thai style differs from our Chinese S&S Pork, as the pork is sliced and just stir fried in the tomato sauce unlike the Chinese style which batters the pork pieces, deep fries them then have the tomato sauce poured over it. Just a difference in style I guess.

The bill came to RM90.50, for 6 dishes feeding 5 and 2 coconuts and a large bottle of mineral water.

We'll go back there again.

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