11 February 2014

A new year, 2014 and it's the Horse

Time really flies!

I can't believe the last time I updated my blog was on Christmas eve last year, 2013. I've been that busy!

Christmas dinner was good, but I couldn't get the roast turkey from Maria's Cafe. They said they weren't doing any roast turkey last year. Sad......Citrus didn't sell take-away turkey and Secret Garden was sold out!

In the end, I placed my order with Beacon Point. It was our first time trying it.

The roast turkey was ready for pickup by lunch. It came nicely wrapped. It was nicely roasted but not to a dark brown, just a light colour. The gravy was a little disappointing as it was bland and chunky, as if there was too much starch in it. Compared to Maria's Cafe's turkey, this is a distant second.

I also ordered a Yule Log from Beacon Point. It was very pretty to behold but not so delicious to eat.

Still, Christmas dinner was a joyous family event.

And now, it's already February 2014!

My boy is in his first year of secondary school, and has already turned 13. A teenager!

Chinese New Year zoomed by with a flurry of dinners and visits to relatives' and fireworks nights.

The dust is settling now, and slowly but surely I am getting into a new school routine for my children.

My wish for my family and you is for good health, safety and happiness all through the Year of the Wood Horse! Gong Xi! There's still 4 more days of CNY left....enjoy!

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