15 January 2016

Chinese New Year of the Monkey 2016

Christmas has come and gone, and now we are set to welcome the Chinese New Year.

This is more of a checklist of things to be done, and I hope my current high energy levels continue as I am now ahead of schedule:

  • wash curtains
  • wash sofa covers
  • wash throw-pillow covers
  • cream-wipe leather sofa
  • clean balconies
  • power jet the driveway
  • wash mosquito nettings
  • put up decorations
  • wipe windows
  • wash all patios
  • wipe ceiling fans
  • tidy up garden
  • bake cookies
  • try to make barbequed dried meat
  • plan CNY menu and pre cook some dishes
  • throw out accumulated junk

I think those are the major CNY preps. Gonna get busier soon, therefor wishing those celebrating the festival a Very Happy Healthy and Successful New Year!

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