08 April 2016

A refreshing soba dinner

The weather in Malaysia has been so hot since Chinese New Year!

My green grass is now yellow and crackles under your feet. I struggle to keep my herbs and potted plants and fruit trees green.

But that is Mother Nature and I respect that. You will give us rain when you want to.

So.... I don't feel like hot rice and dishes for dinner. 2 nights ago, I made roast chicken thighs, cold mashed potato and a fruity-salad. Much better.

Last night I decided we would go with cold soba.

So I visited Midori , a new Japanese mini market that opened in Ipoh 7 months ago to pick up some additional cha soba (green tea Japanese buckwheat noodles) and suyu. I added breaded scallops and marinated seaweed to my basket.

It was a refreshing dinner ... we almost finished  600g of soba.

How to
  • Boil the soba in unsalted boiling-then-simmering water till right (taste it)
  • I used Kombu Suyu and diluted it with water till it tasted right
  • Chill the cooked soba and place ice cubes under it before serving
  • Use Miso paste to make the Miso soup. I added a tube of soft tofu, strips of dried toasted seaweed and chopped spring onions
  • I Air Fried my 24 piece of breaded scallops
  • Serve chopped spring onions and the marinated seaweed as side dishes
  • A small dish of Wasabi

Simple, healthy and cool!

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