24 July 2013

Tee Lin Say, you gotta read this face

Our renowned and home grown face-reader Tee Lin Say stirred up quite a storm with her article "No Benefit Being Fat" where she demonstrated her excellent grasp for words that mean or relate to "fat".

In her professional opinion, she said, among other things, that: 
  •  I would personally never bet on a person who is bordering on obesity
  • it is always bad news when one has no neck. You know, when a person is so fat that his head looks as if it is directly connected to his body
  • you see, when one is too whalelike, one simply cannot function perperly
  • keep that waistline trim. It's a huge indicator of how financially well a person does.

I don't know if Lin Say is naturally caustic and was just being her honest self or if she actually thought she was writing an entertaining piece or perhaps she was just seeking exceptional attention. 

Whatever her motivation, she has had to issue an apology.

Her rudeness aside, Lin Say should know that there may be more people of larger stature who, contrary to her views, do lead the good life. I know of one.

The person, in Lin Say's books, would be fat and carrying around dead weight. But despite that, Lin Say, this person is married to a very loving spouse, who did not run upon seeing her. If he did that, they would not be together today. And this person also happens to lead a very comfortable, care-free life with nothing wanting in the material sense. In addition, this person is an animal lover who rescues strays. Aren't these good attributes?

Perhaps you might wish to revise your face-shui techniques. Good luck for your next article.

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