24 July 2013

No Benefit in Eating in a Changing Room

SK Seri Pristana in Sungai Buloh is now very famous - for the wrong reasons.

Reports have spread far and wide about how the school has apparently forced its non-Muslim students to have their food during recess in the changing room/ shower room. Not a very pristine environment.

Whatever "room" it is, it is not a place children should be made to eat in.

Parents and other people are (rightfully) angry at the seemingly utter stupidity of the said school's Principal or management or whoever it was that was in charge.

It must be a very small and inadequate school if what the school authorities said is true; that the canteen has been closed for renovation. Therefore, we are made to believe that there is no other suitable hall or room or rest area more conducive for the children to eat in.

And of course, some will choose to politicise the issue too.

Like Mazidul in his blog http://www.mazidulakmal.com/2013/07/pembetulan-fakta-dakwaan-kononnya.html, who wrote (quote): Gambar dipaparkan oleh blogger pro pembangkang itu seharusnya diteliti dan disiasat kesahihannya. Jika benar pelajar makan di  bilik air, mengapakah perakam  tidak memuatkan gambar mangkuk tandas?   (The picture that was uploaded by a pro-opposition blogger should be viewed with caution and thoroughly investigated. If it is true that the students are made to eat in a bathroom/toilet, why was a picture of a toilet bowl not shown?) 

So, are we to surmise then that Mazidul himself is pro-government if he accuses the blogger of being pro-opposition? Should we then read everything that Mazidul writes about government actions/ policies/etc. with caution and that it should be disiasat kesahihannya too?

And Mazidul Akmal is supposed to be a journalist reporting in a factual unbiased fashion.

Well, everyone has their own bias and prejudice. Just admit it. 

We can only ask that the educated ones control it - you will have your gut and irrational emotional reaction first. Hopefully, with education or exposure or even just plain age, your brain then kicks in with logical and detached analysis and logic.


  1. Hi there;
    Read this link pulak - http://dhanyaraam.blogspot.com/2013/07/canteen-in-changing-room-facts-that-you.html

    p/s: Have you tried the bazaar Ramadhan near Ipoh Stadium..good selections and quite clean I would say

  2. Hi Huba Huba, yep I read those bits of findings from elsewhere too. All in all, it should not be politicised and the school should find a better alternative.

    Yes I've tried the bazaar at the stadium. We usually go there once a year. Going there again soon!