18 September 2013

High Heeled Warrior Awards

I just learned about the presently ongoing High Heeled Warrior Awards - Celebrating Women in Asia.

This awards event is rolled out by NBC Universal, having concluded their High Heeled Warrior research on female Pay-TV viewers.

The High Heeled Warrior Awards will recognize and celebrate the achievements of women in Asia who have contributed to society in their industry and community, and have made an impact in the lives of many around them.

The 12 High Heeled Warrior Awards nominees from Asia spread across four categories.

The first 3 categories; Arts & Entertainment, Community Service and Entrepreneurship have been selected by the High Heeled Warrior Awards Judging Panel, based on their positive impact and contribution to their community.

A fourth category, Unsung Hero, will include women nominated by the public.

What is the Unsung Hero all about?
The nominated Unsung Hero in your life is a passionate woman living in Asia and providing a service that benefits others.

Why nominate an Unsung Hero?
Your Unsung Hero may not be well-known around the region like the High Heeled Warriors Awards nominees, but that doesn't mean she is any less impactful, inspiring and all-round awesome! This is a perfect opportunity to let everyone know how much you recognize and honour your Unsung Hero's self-sacrificing efforts. Everyone needs a little bit of encouragement and appreciation from time to time!

My choice for the Unsung Hero this time is Jasmine Ong from Malaysia.

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