28 September 2013

Pet Shop - Pretty Pets

When we first moved to Ipoh, I did most of my shopping for essentials at places frequented by my in-laws.

Naturally. Go to familiar and tried-and-tested places right?

Over the years, having settled into Ipoh, learned the roads and shortcuts, beat a few traffic lights and driving in the wrong direction on one-way streets, I'm branching out.

The pet shop.

Important for us since we have dogs.

I first did all my shopping for pet needs at Hupp Fatt. The owners of the shop are friendly and helpful. About 2 years ago, the elderly owner's son decided to set up a second Hup Fatt pet store just behind his father's shop - cleaner, air-conditioned and selling slightly more expensive brands.

In these last 2 years, I have also changed my pet needs destination to another pet store called Pretty Pets in Ipoh Garden South. The shop is very clean and well kept, with a good range of things. Their prices might be slightly higher, but they also carry premium brands which Hupp Fatt does not.

After a long, long time, we happened to be near Hupp Fatt as we had lunched at the Old Andersonian Club, enjoying their banana leaf rice. Since I needed a spare bag of dog biscuits, I decided to swing by the newer (the son's)  Hupp Fatt. I bought Science Plan Chicken flavour for large breeds in the large 18kg value pack. Hupp Fatt charged me RM192 for it, which is expensive and overpriced!

Pretty Pets sells the same brand to me for RM181, a good RM11below Hupp Fatt's price. I was quite sure Hupp Fatt was overcharging me but I couldn't remember the price at that time. I did query the owner of Hupp Fatt and she said the full price is RM200 with an RM8 special given by Science Plan itself. When I arrived home, I checked Pretty Pet's receipt: RM189 less RM8=RM181.

Going by the location in Ipoh Garden South, the range of brands and things available, I would recommend that you shop for your pet's needs in Pretty Pets (unless you live far away from Ipoh Garden South).

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